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we're still working on the english descriptions of all the articles in our offering. They will be added bit by bit. Meanwhile, this english version of our shop should make it easier to place an order with us.

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Heriba Picks

Herbert Bauerfeind was an absolute specialist for nylon plectrums. On the 11th of April, a German Phantom fighter crashlanded on his factory. Heriba went up in flames, and Herbert Bauerfeind was still in the building.

He was seriously burnt and died a few days later. A day like 9/11 reminds us of this horrible accident and tragedy.

His son and widow carried on making picks. Heriba still manufactures nylon plectrums, utilizing the know-how Herbert Bauerfeind accumalated during his lifetime. Nylon is their specialty, and they know how to use it.

Heriba sells their plectrums to Tone-Toys for a very good price, and we naturally let our customers profit from this.

Heriba 105

Heriba 105The golden Heriba 105 Pick, the classic golden pick made from a unique plastic!

The 105's have a sound of their own. In contrast to the other Heriba picks, these are very stiff. The only people who know what these picks are made out of are the family Bauerfeind and a few of their coworkers. Whatever the material may be, it sounds good.


 ab: 4,50 €
Heriba Fine

Heriba FineEinfache, gute Picks. Mit "fine" ist weich gemeint.

 ab: 3,90 €
Heriba Messing

Heriba MessingMessing, ein ungewöhnliches Material für Picks. Aber interessant im Ton. Wieso also eigentlich nicht?

 ab: 1,45 €
Heriba Moulded Picks

Heriba Moulded PicksThe typical sound of nylon ? warm, full and articulate. Make that great, warm snappy ?plop? sound when the bend themselves back into shape after striking ? wonderful.

Heriba uses a special nylon mixed in their workshop which not only makes the picks basically indestructible, but also gives them ideal acoustic properties.


 ab: 4,90 €
Heriba Nylon Picks

Heriba Nylon PicksSome sounds can only be made with the original Heriba Nylon picks. The nylon Heriba uses makes the picks a bit more flexible, therefore making them sound special. As with all Heriba plectrums, a textured surface ensures that the picks rest firmly between the fingers, even when sweating.

 ab: 3,90 €